Rio in Quincy

I’m Charley’s aunt from Brazil – Where the nuts come from…
Charley’s Aunt (1892), a play by Bradon Thomas.

The Rio Steakhouse is a traditional Brazilian churrascaria – all-you-can-eat meat barbecue restaurant. But food there is really delicious.

Rodizio is a style of service in Brazilian restaurants.  Servers circulate with food and customers pay a prix fixe.

There is an interesting story behind it. In 1960’s, a waiter at a busy churrascaria mixed up quite a few orders delivering the wrong type of meat to the tables. To correct this mistake, the manager quickly asked the waiters to bring over several skewers to all the tables… and with that, Rodizio was born.

When you come to The Rio Steakhouse in Quincy (I haven’t been in their Plymouth location) you can be a little bit disappointed. You will see a small brick building that you know it’s a restaurant only because it says so.

But when you eat there you’ll definitely change your mind.  There are many choices of meats, but if you don’t like meat you can buy just a salad bar. On the other hand, it’s better to go there if you are a meat person. They’re warning you ahead of time (at their website): “Vegetarians beware: Meatlovers inside”. And that’s true.

What I like the most about The Rio is it’s a place with authentic Brazilian food. You can try a traditional Pão de queijo or a Cheese Bun, a fried pineapple (I would eat it as much as I can – really good), and even Pudim de Leite (Caramel pudding) for a dessert.

They’re located in Quincy at 111 Washington Street.

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