My Hidden Lunch Spot

My Hidden Lunch Spot

God moves in a mysterious way
William Cowper

It was the rainy and foggy day so I knew that a place where I was going to have my lunch should be close to my office. Elena’s Café has several locations; one of them has an absolutely great location – just five minutes from my job.

I opened their good looking website and decided to try it. When my GPS told me that I came to the Cafe I couldn’t believe it. It was the huge Catholic Center in front of me, the fourth largest archdiocese in the United States as I found out later and it’s the spiritual home for more than 1.8 million Catholics. And, of course, I didn’t see anything that would tell me about Elena’s Café.

There were two choices for me – to find another café but the weather was so awful that I didn’t want to drive anymore or to go to the Center and at least ask if they ever heard about the café I was looking for. You can imagine how I was surprised when I was told that they had Elena’s Café at the second floor.

Elena’s Café was the usual office cafeteria. But.

If you’re working not far from this place I would definitely recommend you to visit it. The hot Panini was one of the best sandwiches I ever ate. The Turkey & Brie Panini with Apples – how good is that? They cook everything there so food is really fresh. They also have a small salad bar and a lot of other sandwiches and snacks. It’s not expensive and it’s delicious.

If you work pretty far from Elena’s Cafe or you don’t like the idea to eat in cafeteria you can keep in mind that they offer catering for every occasion.

When I found out that Elena’s Café was not a place I expected to see – I was going to buy a sandwich and come back to my office. But there was so special atmosphere or mood created by friendly stuff, pastors and parishioners so I decided to eat in.

The rain was almost over on my way back from lunch.

They are located at 66 Brooks Drive in Braintree.


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