The Most Popular Car Colors

Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.
Henry Ford


OK, girls, I have to buy a new pair of red shoes, then I’ll find a nice red lipstick. For a red lipstick I need to get a new red coat. But how can I get a new red coat without a red car? So I’ll need to get a new red car. Right? Just kidding. I like black color cars anyway.

According to the PPG Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of transportation coatings, not black color – but white continues to be the most popular car color globally based on 2013 automotive build data. It remains most popular in Europa, North America and Asia.

In South America, however, silver leads in popularity (33 percent), then white (29 percent) and black (13 percent).

In North America, the popular colors after white (21 percent) are: black (19 percent), gray (17 percent), and silver (15 percent).

These were followed by red and blue.

PPG found out some more interesting facts about 2013 vehicle types in North America:

  • Sport models are most likely to feature shades of red and blue,
  • The largest percentage of gold and beige vehicles is in the minivan segment,
  • Luxury vehicles, 57 percent of which were gray in 2013, are most likely to feature effect finishes in black metallic and white pearl, and
  • Color varies most across SUVs, with relatively equal distributions finished in shades of white, black, blue, red and gray.












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